As a principal Jim spoke daily with parents frustrated with their kid’s behavior. The parents from his seminars share the same frustrations…

  • I’m tired of having to repeat myself.
  • I’m tired of having to raise my voice to get a response.
  • I just wish I could get them to listen without having to get angry.

Jim makes life easier for these parents by equipping them with the confidence and ability to quickly calm kids, transform undesirable moods, and connect. He developed the Resetology™ techniques while working with thousands of poorly-behaved children as principal of several schools in tough neighborhoods where respect was only earned, never just given. These proven techniques are easy to learn and parents are getting fast results! Jim is an engaging speaker, he leads exciting and productive seminars, and coaches individual clients.

Jim House, M.A.Ed , has 25+ years’ experience working with youth of all ages. He has been principal of several inner-city elementary schools, a middle-school assistant principal, and an elementary school teacher. He was recognized as a Teacher of the Year in an affluent San Diego County school district, and he was named San Diego YMCA Principal of the Year while working in a high-poverty neighborhood